Associational Outreach/Small Attendance Churches

The purpose of Associational Outreach Leadership is to inspire, train and fund associational churches to strategically focus on specific unchurched communities through Church Planting, Outreach Evangelism and Outreach Sunday School. This is carried out through a partnership between the BGCO, Oklahoma Southern Baptist associations and member churches.  Please make a selection to the left.

Why Do We Need Small Churches?  

By:  Carl Thionnet,  DOM, Concord-Kiowa Association

Have you ever looked at a small church and wondered, “why doesn’t someone shut that church down?”  I grew up going to small churches, was saved in a small church, baptized in a small church, learned the books of the Bible in a small church, was called to the ministry in a small church, and was ordained in a small church.  I have pastored several small churches and now am a Director of Missions in an area that has many small churches located within it.  Last night I had the privilege of attending a revival service in a small church in another association.  It was located in what I would call the “boonies.”  Ever wonder why a church is still open?  The singing was very good for a small church.  The preaching was very good for a small church.  The response to the invitation was wonderful for a small church.  A little girl, seven and a half years of age, came forward with her mom, dad, and sister to let the world know she had invited Jesus to be her Lord and Saviour.  That is why the church still sits on the side of a hill in a small, almost ghost town like place in the “boonies” in western Oklahoma.  Closing some of our churches of a small nature is similar to not having an invitation when the sermon is over.  Ask the little girl if small church is okay with her.  Ask me sometime if anything good ever came out of small church Dill City or small church Burns Flat.  More than likely, a larger percentage of members of small churches have become pastors, missionaries, student ministers, denominational workers, and on and on than any large church in the convention.  Why keep small churches open if possible?  Because God does big things with small churches!