Basics About MY316

1. Simple! It’s using your story and John 3:16 to share Jesus with friends and family.

2. No cost! Fully resourced with materials funded by the Cooperative Program and State Missions Offering. Materials will be provided for Sunday school, worship or any church-wide event.  This includes:  training brochures, Sunday school lesson plans, gospel tracts for adults or children, prayer commitment cards, new believer’s book, Church Evangelism Accelerator, the interactive website and the smart phone app. Please visit this link to view all of the above listed materials as well as the MY316 Baptism Materials.

3. Customizable! Curriculum is designed for use in Sunday school and worship to reach all attenders, but can be used any way the church chooses, with any age person.

4. No need to add to curriculum! Employs existing church ministries of Sunday school and worship; nothing needs to be added to teach MY316. It can also be used with other outreach strategies, such as G.R.O.W.

5. Involvement! Praying, serving and sharing, not simply classroom learning. These materials help churches put action behind what’s been learned in the classroom.

To speak with someone about MY316 or to order materials by phone please call Shasta Kimbel at (405) 942-3000 ext. 4313 or you may e-mail