Prayer and Spiritual Awakening

Vision Statement To facilitate events and provide twelve strategic resources to address all aspects of fervent kingdom-focused prayer, deep biblical repentance and sweeping evangelistic harvest. Strategy Statements It is the conviction of this office that our preeminent focus is to develop and widely distribute major resources to address each facet of revival and spiritual awakening. These new resources and strategies are designed for use by individuals, small groups and entire congregations. Our commitment is to provide these resources in an easily affordable manner. For a complete listing of our resources and available articles, please visit our resource tab on the left side of this page.

To aid and facilitate a genuine return to God, the Prayer and Spiritual Awakening office suggests two Scripture-filled tools.  First, the book Return to Me Says the Lord, is a twenty-one day journey of fervent prayer and spiritual renewal.  It is powerful for individual and/or church-wide use.  Second, the Covenants to Seek God’s Face are five Bible-insert prayer guides to help believers walk in powerful daily prayer, deep surrender and effective prayer for evangelism and spiritual awakening.  Both tools are inexpensive and can be used for ongoing prayer meetings and empowered evangelism.  Please contact (www.masterdesign.orgto order these resources.