Prayer and Spiritual Awakening

Vision Statement

To facilitate events and provide twelve strategic resources to address all aspects of fervent kingdom-focused prayer, deep biblical repentance and sweeping evangelistic harvest.

Strategy Statements

It is the conviction of this office that our preeminent focus through 2014 is to develop and widely distribute major resources to address each facet of revival and spiritual awakening. These new resources and strategies are designed for use by individuals, small groups and whole congregations. Our commitment is to provide these resources in a manner easily affordable by all.

For a complete listing of our resources and available articles, please visit our resource tab on the left side of this page.


The Lord’s Supper – “A Covenant of Love and Surrender”

This new resource is now available from the Office of Prayer and Spiritual Awakening to assist you and your congregation in celebrating the Lord’s Supper.  Participants who pray through this resource will rediscover the power of the New Covenant, experience Lord’s Suppers fully worthy of Jesus, bring supernatural unity to divided churches, avoid the judgments of Lord’s Supper abuse and embrace the balance of God’s grace and holiness.

This resource has several options on heart preparation prior to observing the Lord’s Supper that would be very helpful to you and your congregation leading up to a special observance at Easter or any other time throughout the year.

This new book normally sells for $5.00 per copy, but we are discounting it to $3.00 per copy (plus shipping) up until Easter, 2014 to give churches the opportunity to pray through this resource.

Please let us know if we can assist you in placing an order for this new resource.  It is our pleasure to serve you!

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