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ReConnect Sunday School is an initiative to reform Sunday School into the church’s primary strategy of making disciples by connecting people to Jesus, His Truth, His community and His mission in the context of small groups. This small group strategy can be done in any size church and location because small groups reflect the context of the community.

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Matthew 28:18 The Sunday School is how the church is organized for evangelism. Sharing the Gospel is a critical role of every Sunday School as group members invite and bring their friends and neighbors to group meetings where they can experience ministry, prayer, Bible study, service, and have opportunities to respond to the Gospel. Sunday School also equips group members for lifestyle evangelism during the week.

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John 17:17 Every person needs to both know and live the truth they learn through personal and group Bible study. In Sunday School, we teach the Bible in order to transform the heart, mind, and soul into the image of Jesus Christ. Old habits and hurts are replaced with grace and freedom as people encounter God’s Truth through the steady study of the Scripture.

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Acts 2:44-46 Living in community with other believers is biblical. Each of us has a need to belong, and Sunday School offers opportunities for believers to participate in ministry, prayer, and accountability in our spiritual journey. Sunday School is the primary way for the church to provide the personal care and ministry that its members need.

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Acts 1:8 All believers have been given spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit. Sunday School is the church’s primary avenue to engage all of its members in ministry and mission. By working together, group members can serve their neighborhoods and put the Gospel on display in their community

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