Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma Gift Acceptance Policy

Gifts made to the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) and its related ministries are welcomed and appreciated. BGCO ministries are supported in a variety of ways, such as when the local church gives through the Cooperative Program. Through the Cooperative Program, the world is reached with the Gospel when tithes and offerings are given to a local Southern Baptist church.

The BGCO accepts charitable gifts from individuals. If a donor chooses to make a gift to the BGCO for a specific ministry or purpose, the BGCO will honor those requests as long as it is practical and reasonable. If and when the specific purpose for the gift, at the discretion of the BGCO Leadership Group and Finance Group, becomes impractical or unreasonable to accommodate, the BGCO reserves the right to use the gift for other ministries of the BGCO. In the situation where the BGCO is no longer reasonably able to use the gift in accordance with the donor’s specified purpose, the BGCO may, but is not required to, contact the donor to invite the donor to choose an alternative ministry or purpose for their generous gift.

Gifts made to the BGCO to assist in the recovery of a disaster, whether specific to location, type, or date, will be deemed made for use for general disaster relief funds.

To see a list of specific ministries of the BGCO that will accept gifts, please contact the BGCO Finance Group, at

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