Tulsa TP Training 1011

Starting Well Manual

Transitional Pastor Training Powerpoint Slides

A Church Model and Process

Essential Church 01

Essential Church 02

Essential Church 03

Essential Church 04

Essential Church 05

Essential Church 06

Essential Church 07

Overview of Possible Schedule

SWOT Analysis

Transitional Pastor Ministry

Church Culture

Article on Church Culture

Church Culture

Church Culture Assessment

Church Culture Assessment Instructions

Church Culture Scoring Grid

Leading From Your Strengths

LFYS Slides

Ernest Mosley Sermons

Listen to the Spirit, Laodicea

Listen to the Spirit, Pergamum

Listen to the Spirit, Philadelphia

Listen to the Spirit, Sardis

Listen to the Spirit, Smyrna

Listen to the Spirit, Thyratira

Sermons on Revelation 2-3

Same Things Done Differently

Enduring Spiritual Hardship

Living Faithfully in Tolerant Times

Expediency Or Principle

Less Than Meets the Eye

Open Door

The Danger of Being Nothing

Transitional Pastor Manual Pages

Biblical Church Covenant

Biblical Principles for Church Growth

Church Memories Workshop

Church Model and Process with Discussion

Discipleship Scenario

Evangelism Scenario

Fellowship Scenario

Kingdom Results

Listening Sessions

Ministry Scenario

Overview of TP Process

Pages for Reproduction

Pastor Search Committee Decision Process

Sample Covenant of Relationship

SWOTs Analysis

Values Inventory

Worship Scenario



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