Leadership Team


The Native American Ministries Leadership is comprised of native Christian leaders from various parts of our state. This team exists to assist the Native American Specialist (BGCO) in the development of a comprehensive strategy to meet the needs of our Indian churches and help them to fulfill the great commission in their communities.

The work of Native American ministry is accomplished by the local church. The role of the BGCO, through the Leadership Team, is to assist local Indian churches to fulfill the great commission. To better accomplish this task, four advisory groups were created:

  1. The Leadership Development Group will serve in an advisory capacity to the Robert Haskins School of Christian Ministry. They will review the work of the Native American Track and offer suggestions to make this track more effective. In addition, they will look at other ways to encourage and assist leaders.
  2. The Church Planting Group will assist the Native American Specialist in developing a strategic plan for planting native churches, and promote the need for church planters and partner churches.
  3. The Evangelism and Revitalization Group will assist the Native American specialist in the equipping and training of pastors and members of local churches in personal evangelism. This group will assist in planning of an annual evangelism conference, and in helping to revitalize declining churches.
  4. The Church and Association Group will seek to develop partnerships between the BGCO and associations, camps, and other native Christian organizations. The goal is to strengthen the work of these organizations.

Each of these groups will be led by a chairperson who will receive guidance and direction from the Native American Specialist. Through delegation of these responsibilities, the work of Native American Ministries will be more effective. If you are interested in serving on this team, please contact Emerson Falls at (405) 942-3800, ext. 4306.

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