Legacy of Faith

It’s important to leave a spiritual legacy. Take a few moments and leave yours right now.
  • Briefly describe your salvation story using these 3 questions.

  • Start with a statement that will capture attention. Ex: "I had many doubts" "My life was a lie" "I had an emptiness or fear inside" "I lacked purpose in life"
  • Give an example of how this occurred. Write down the circumstances of where and when. Express your feelings at the time.
  • How has your life been different? How has the Lord helped you or met your needs?
  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg.
    If you would like to upload a photo please ensure you are the only subject in the photo and it is a closeup of your upper body (also known as a "headshot").
  • If you have recorded your Legacy Story on video and have uploaded it to YouTube, Vimeo or another similar video hosing service you may enter the link to that video here.

    Video Tips: Stay focused and brief to keep your video under 2-3 minutes in length. You can read your story, but it's better to share it without notes looking directly into the camera lens as if you were talking to someone. Record yourself from the chest up in a quite place with appropriate clothing and a clutter-free background. Remember to smile as you share you spiritual legacy. This has the potential to be seen by your family for generations to come.
  • By submitting this form I agree to allow my testimony and other details and materials provided to potentially be used in BGCO promotional materials and/or on BGCO websites.

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