Chaplaincy is the most effective means of reaching secular society because there are times chaplains can go where the church cannot go. Chaplaincy provides many opportunities to extend the ministry of the local church beyond the “four walls” of the church facility. There are seven major areas of ministry in chaplaincy: (1) healthcare, (2) pastoral counseling, (3) law enforcement, (4) corrections, (5) military, (6) corporate/industry and (7) disaster relief. Each of these areas of chaplaincy provides opportunities for full-time, part-time, and volunteer participation of ministry oriented persons. Each of these categories of chaplain ministry also provides the opportunity for the local church and its staff to extend their ministry into the community that may otherwise be closed to them. Christ modeled worship and ministry.

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This story tells of one family’s narrow escape from Oklahoma wildfires and how they received help and hope from friends like Oklahoma Baptists

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