Chaplaincy Disaster Relief

One growing specialization in Chaplain Ministry is Disaster Relief Chaplaincy. Disaster Relief Chaplains often serve multiple agencies and usually respond to the general community of victims during a crisis. Victims may include innocent bystanders, direct victims, rescue and relief workers and even the perpetrator of crimes (the arsonist who starts the forest fire, the drunk driver who causes the multicar fatality or the terrorist who plants the bomb).

Disaster Chaplains come from a variety of professions and ministries. They may be pastors, chaplains, counselors, teachers, social workers or psychologists. Disaster Chaplains may also be laity — men and women who respond to God’s call upon their lives to provide care and compassion to hurting people during the crisis of disasters.

Chaplains serve with feeding units, chain saw crews and mud out teams. They also work onsite of the disaster with Police, Fire and Emergency medical teams.

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