Chaplaincy Healthcare/Pastoral Care

Healthcare Chaplaincy, both volunteer and full-time, continues to be an effective means of touching the lives of people at critical times in their lives. Illness and death may encourage people to be receptive to the gospel. Many hospitals are employing full-time chaplains, and many smaller hospitals throughout the state are developing volunteer chaplain services. So many lives can be ministered to in the hospital setting that may otherwise be missed.

Hospice chaplaincy is another rapidly emerging area of healthcare chaplaincy. There are a growing number of hospice organizations across the state that provide in-home care by providing a ministry to patients and their families. Hospice is mainly care of terminally ill patients but provides other services as well.

Some associations are providing space for pastoral counselors outside the metropolitan areas. Marriage and family issues represent some of the most critical needs in every community. Depression, grief, and other forms of personal loss are among the many needs being addressed by pastoral counselors.

Clinical Pastoral Education Program (CPE) training is available at several locations throughout the state. For more information contact: Presbyterian Hospital, Pastoral Care Department at (405) 271-5186, Integris Baptist Medical Center, Department of Pastoral Care, (405) 949-3195 or the Chaplaincy Office at The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, (405) 942-3000, ext. 4304.

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