Chaplaincy Law Enforcement

Law enforcement chaplaincy continues to be one of the fastest growing areas of chaplaincy in Oklahoma and in the United States. In Oklahoma there are almost 200 law enforcement chaplains representing 73 different agencies. The major emphasis of law enforcement chaplaincy is directed toward the officer, his family, and victims of crime. Ministry opportunities are unlimited, as ministers become involved in crisis incidents in their communities in the midst of the crisis instead of after the fact.

A Prayer for Police Officers

Loving God, Creator of Life, Author of Liberty
and Guardian of Justice.
Out of Your wisdom, You ordained and
called me as Your Peace Keeper.
I take my Oath of Office, received by commission,
and wear my badge as a sacred trust.
I look to You for wisdom, courage, strength,
hope and peace.
Wisdom to discern the difference between
right and wrong.
Wisdom to know that the real world is not
like the cruel world I respond to everyday.
Courage to stand against the temptations and evil
forces that cross my path.
Courage to know that what I do, does make a
difference in the lives of others.
Strength to overcome the negatives in my job and
strength to conquer my fears and take
me where others won’t go.
God, renew me with hope and optimism for the future.
Hope that in the end, good will triumph.
And God, please be with my family, and give
them peace while I’m on duty.
And through it all, please Lord, stand by my side and
make Your presence known to me as I walk my beat.

Chaplain Jack Poe

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