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North West Oklahoma

Job opportunities – look up Workforce Oklahoma that is listed in every county or visit www.felonresources.com.   Look under the state you desire to work in; look under employment and it will show you where each Work Force office is located in the nation.

We have listed most of the sites that can help you get a job in Oklahoma.

Getting an Employer to Hire YOU


Upon your first year out of prison, a felon released from prison gets a $2,400 tax credit incentive for an employer that provides that provides a former inmate with at least 180 days of employment.  The rules are simple.

  1. First, go to the Workforce agency in your county & fill out your paper work.
  2. Secondly, take the appropriate applications to the place you are seeking employment; the government provides the employer a $2,400 incentive to hire you.
  3. This lets them know up front that you were once convicted & provides them the incentive to hire you.

If you get the job before you fill out the application at Workforce Oklahoma, your employer will get no tax incentive. 

Listed below are the Workforce Oklahoma offices or employment offices



1810 N. Sioux                                                                                     918-341-6633


1120 Frisco                                                                                         580-323-1341

Edmond – Express Personnel

3601 S. Broadway                                                                             405-478-3331


2613 N. Van Buren                                                                           580-234-6043


225 E. Hwy 54                                                                                   580-338-8521


1117 11th St.                                                                                       580-256-3308


                                    Express Personnel

1241 Garth Brooks Blvd.                                                                  405-350-2550


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