OKC Housing and Shelter

Halfway houses

Homeless shelters

Temporary housing


Please look under Financial & Emergency Assistance to see what is available in your area. For those struggling with addictions, look under the addiction website for additional locations.


Ambassador House 405-228-4042

Women who have been released from prison

Baptist Mission Center 405-235-6162

Center Point, Inc. 405-605-2488

Halfway house for men

City Church 405-232-3232

Recovery After care for men

City Rescue Mission 405-232-2709

Christian women with Children

Downtown Baptist Church 405-232-6977

Exodus House Ministries 405-525-2300

For ex-inmates released from prison

Drug Recovery, Inc. – Ivanhoe/Catalyst 405-232-7215

Halfway house for men and women

Grace Rescue Missions 405-232-5756

Meals & Alcohol/Drug rehabilitation

Jesus House 405-232-7164


Mercy Ministries 405-236-2015

Neighborhood Service Organization, Inc. 405-236-0413

Help with the mentally homeless

Oklahoma Halfway House, Inc. 405-232-0231

Assists ex-offenders

Halfway house for men & women

Oxford House men

2865 N. Ann Drive 405-604-6643


3416 N. Grove Ave.; 405-605-4549

4432 NW 47th St. 405-602-3607

6308 Sterling Dr. 405-603-5930

3620 Ridgehaven Drive; Midwest City 405-455-2131




7412 S. Kline Ave. 405-632-9169

3111 NW 19th St.

Raising the Standard Ministries, Inc. 405-228-4042

Women transitional house

Red Rock BHS Community Housing 405-525-3959

Reno Club 405-236-4148

Halfway house for men who live in a sober environment

Salvation Army 405-246-1100


Sober Living 405-427-6169

Shelter for discharged inmates & drug treatment after care

Speck Homes, Inc. 405-239-7101

Sunbeam Family Services 405-528-7721

The Faith House 405-528-1964

After care Recovery for Women

Travelers Aid Society of Oklahoma City 405-232-5507


Hope Center 405-348-1340


East Main Place 405-447-4663

Salvation Army 405-364-9910

Shelter for Friends 405-360-4954

Transition House Inc. 405-360-7926

Services for the mentally ill


Domestic Violence Shelters


State Hotline 800-522-7233

Project Safe 800-821-9953


Sexual Assault Hotline 405-943-7273



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