Sunday School

Sunday School is the foundational strategy in a local church for leading people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and for building Great Commission Christians.


2017 Sunday School Training – by Mark Jones

You can download the newest preschool/children’s  training conference for 2017 by clicking on the following link:


Lifeway is offering new a new app to assist in your Sunday School curriculum planning.  Please visit the link below to find helpful information on accessing this new app.


Preschool Sunday School

Preschool Sunday School is the foundational strategy that introduces preschoolers to God and begins the process toward conversion and spiritual transformation.

Through preschool Sunday School, teachers can:

  • share their faith with parents of preschoolers

  • minister to preschoolers and their families

  • offer times of fellowship

  • lead preschoolers to develop an understanding of worship through the use of Bible stories, songs, Bible phrases and prayer

Adapted from Preschool Sunday School for a New Century, Cindy Lumpkin and Thomas Sanders

Children’s Sunday School

  • Demonstrate the love of God to children by showing you really care for them

  • Provide Bible-based training about who God is-as Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • Show how a knowledge of God’s word helps children in their daily lives

  • Build relationships with parents and family members to strengthen your local church

  • Reap the reward of watching the children you teach grow and mature in Christ

 Helpful Sunday School tips:


  • Creative Activities

  • Remember These Things About Activities

  • Activities for Younger Children


Other Tips

  • Tips for Experienced Teachers

  • Contacting Preschoolers

  • Winning Parents of Preschoolers to Christ

  • Classroom Management

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