Sunday School

Sunday School is the foundational strategy in a local church for leading people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and for building Great Commission Christians.


2017 Sunday School Training – by Mark Jones

You can download the newest preschool/children’s  training conference for 2017 by clicking on the following link:


Preschool Sunday School

Preschool Sunday School is the foundational strategy that introduces preschoolers to God and begins the process toward conversion and spiritual transformation.

Through preschool Sunday School, teachers can:

  • share their faith with parents of preschoolers

  • minister to preschoolers and their families

  • offer times of fellowship

  • lead preschoolers to develop an understanding of worship through the use of Bible stories, songs, Bible phrases and prayer

Adapted from Preschool Sunday School for a New Century, Cindy Lumpkin and Thomas Sanders

Children’s Sunday School

  • Demonstrate the love of God to children by showing you really care for them

  • Provide Bible-based training about who God is-as Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • Show how a knowledge of God’s word helps children in their daily lives

  • Build relationships with parents and family members to strengthen your local church

  • Reap the reward of watching the children you teach grow and mature in Christ

 Helpful Sunday School tips:


  • Creative Activities

  • Remember These Things About Activities

  • Activities for Younger Children


Other Tips

  • Tips for Experienced Teachers

  • Contacting Preschoolers

  • Winning Parents of Preschoolers to Christ

  • Classroom Management

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