Church Planting

Dear Friend of Church Planting,

Oklahoma is a state in need of new congregations!  We need new congregations from the sand-dunes of the panhandle to the mountains of east Oklahoma.  They are needed in our cities, in our suburbs and across our vast rural regions.  They are needed because as many as 80% of Oklahomans do not have a church they attend regularly.

Our strategy at the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) is to partner with and facilitate the church planting teams that God is calling out to start new churches.  While the Church Planting Group at the BGCO does not directly plant churches, we are a key member of your church planting team.  We seek to resource you by helping to provide training, networking, ongoing encouragement, accountability and financial support.

This website has been produced to help Oklahoma Baptist leaders understand the church planting strategy in place for Oklahoma and to make planting partners aware of resources that may be available.

While this website is a great place to start, our best work is done through relationships.  The members of the church planting team would welcome the opportunity to meet you, hear your heart and support you.  You can call us at (405)942-3800 x4310 or contact us by email.

I pray you will make contact soon!

Your Partner in Church Planting,

Church Planting Specialist, BGCO

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