BCM Building Projects

The BGCO has three new BCM buildings on the drawing board. Two are for our largest state universities, OU and OSU. The third building is planned for Southeastern Oklahoma State University at Durant. All three planned buildings replace buildings no longer functional due to age, location or school property needs.

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Oklahoma Baptist Collegiate Ministry strives to be a Spiritual Rapid Transit System maturing the lives of college students as quickly as possible. Our goal is to inspire you to love God, to invest in others, to value a biblical lifestyle while equipping you to reach your peers, and preparing you to successfully move into the next chapter of your life.  Our motto is; Every Campus, Every Life.  Students, you are the future leaders in God’s kingdom purposes.  Baptist Collegiate Ministries Directors are on the local campuses to disciple, equip, encourage, mentor, and coach you as you walk with God during your college years.

The three folks below help make that happen.

Cris Lowery (4)

Cris LoweryBaptist Collegiate Ministries Specialist, (405)942-3800 ext. 4301

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma


Denny Freeman, Baptist Collegiate Ministries Associate, (405)942-3800 ext. 4382

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

Carissa Jones, Baptist Collegiate Ministries Assistant (405)942-3800 ext. 4383

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

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