Collegiate Disaster Relief

Welcome to Oklahoma Baptist Collegiate Disaster Relief (DR). Collegiate DR will filter through the 36 Baptist Collegiate Ministries across Oklahoma under the direction of Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief which is under the larger umbrella of Southern Baptist Convention Disaster Relief.  For the most updated and expanded disaster relief information, please refer to the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief website. For BCM Directors and Associates, wanting to earn the Disaster Relief blue cap and obtain chainsaw equipment, ALL of the following steps must be completed:

  1. Attended blue cap DR training at a regular DR blue cap training.
  2. Complete the basic intro DR Training  (Locations for fall/spring trainings are on the Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief website)
  3. Also while at the basic intro DR training, complete the chain saw option.
  4. Get at least one student trained in DR with chainsaw option.
    (Optional)  At another DR training event, complete the mud out/recovery option as well.The DR training schedule and locations can be found here.
  5. Do download and use the “SBDR Responds” app and be sure to complete the following forms:

The following 4 forms must be filled out BEFORE leaving for a disaster or practice run-through:

Remember:  18 years is the minimum age for anyone to be able to work with Oklahoma Baptist Disaster Relief or if they are an enrolled student and under 18, must have a parent’s signature.

  1. Pre-Trip report  sent to Cris Lowery
  2. Insurance Info Form Email completed form to:  Her phone is 405 942-3800 ex 4336.  Neither you or your students have insurance until this completed form (or a picture of the completed form) is emailed.  All that is required is that your emailed form (or emailed picture of the completed form) be in her inbox.  Being in her inbox will date and time proof your form.  She doesn’t have to be at work to “receive” it.  Keep the following 2 completed forms from each person with you in a safe place.  A large envelope works well.  Remember it has extremely personal information for each person.  Guard it well!
  3. Safety Emergency Medical Contact Form
  4. Release and Indemnity Agreement Form

 SUV registration form


For a practice run or ministry to someone who needs chainsaw help, complete the following forms in addition to the above 3 forms:

1. Property Owner’s Request for Assistance

2. Activity Report after the assistance

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