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Semester Intern Strategy



Workers Compensation

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Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education academic calendar (Dates for school starting, ending, and spring break for each public college or university.)

2019 Holiday Schedule 4 day week

2019 Holiday Schedule 5 day week.



BCM Application and Release Write-on Form  or Keyboard Form  (Covers one calendar year)

BCM Host Agreement  (Must have on file for anyone living in your building)

Disaster Relief/Mission Trip Report Form Write-on Form or Keyboard Form

Mileage Form (BGCO Employees Only)

Mileage Form – Non-BGCO

Personnel Policy Acknowledgment

Time Sheet for Part Time and Overtime

Vehicle Use Agreement for BCMs (2014 version)

Workers Comp Form (to be submitted each semester or when there are changes)

BGCO Policy Manual

BCM Accounting Policies



Gallagher Insurance spreadsheet to use for listing people for international trips (Directors should include themselves on this list). Send completed spreadsheet to
Contact Info:
Phone:  (800)922-8438/(803)758-1400; Fax:  (803)252-1988

Instructions for Insurance for Students for domestic BCM events      Each campus must register its own students and event.  The students are covered for that event only.  After the event pay the per person fee at: . Policy 5063s.

Insurance Claim Form for Students


Logo Files

State BCM Logo Files


Semester Intern Strategy

Checklist for Semester Intern

Pay Rate form

Semester Intern Strategy Rationale

BGCO Application

OMB 1210-0149 form

Personnel Policy Acknowledgment (See “Forms” section for a copy of the policy.)



BCM Promo Video (30 seconds)

Emerging Generations (3 videos)
1. Young Adult Culture & World View
2. Keys to Small Groups for Young Adults
3. Listening Evangelism



Accounting Webinars (2017 BCM Accounting Policies and Procedures)
BCM Accounting Internal Control Basics
BCM Accounting Contributions and Other Income
BCM Accounting Cash Disbursement
BCM Accounting Payroll
BCM Accounting Fund Raising

BGCO Policies Webinar (for all BCM employees) – Once the employee watches this webinar, they must sign the Personnel Policy Acknowledgment

Commissioning Explanation Webinar

Housing Allowance Webinar
Housing Allowance PowerPoint Presentation (corresponds with webinar)
Housing Allowance work sheet

2019 Insurance Webinar


Workers Compensation

The form and process for turning in a notice of injury for an employee:

New completely electronic form; handwritten forms ARE NOT accepted. To be editable, you must open file with Adobe Reader. 1. The completed form is now emailed directly to Thomas Jordan or Lou Ann Abel. If they are not available, please attach the completed electronic form to an email addressed to Ben Anderson at 2. Employee injuries should be reported to employee’s supervisor ASAP, i.e., call or email ASAP 3. The Form 2 should be approved by the injured employee’s supervisor. 4. The form must be completed electronically and saved, using “SAVE AS”, to your computer (See “To download a form in Windows:” above.) 5.  Then attach the saved form to an email addressed to either or

Form2 – 4-1-14 Workers’ Comp fillable


Other Helpful Info

2018 BCM Campus Strategies

Building Cleaning Priorities check list

Convention PowerPoint (Large file, will take 60 seconds to download.  You can delete the photos and replace them with your own.)

Mission Fund Raising Letter sample

National Baptist Collegiate Ministry (provides guidance, resources, and support for Collegiate Ministers in Baptist Life.)

Photography tips & suggested equipment

The Punchlist

Top 10 International Travel Mistakes


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