How to Give

To give through the Cooperative Program (CP), simply give your tithes and offerings to your local cooperating Oklahoma Baptist Church.

Each church determines the percentage of the annual church budget given through the CP. Ask you pastor if your church participates in giving through the Cooperative Program!

Gifts given by Oklahoma Baptists through the Cooperative Program help advance the Gospel around the world.

Electronic Giving

Oklahoma Baptist Churches can remit their gifts by mail or send their gifts electronically. Sending Cooperative Program, State Missions Offering, Disaster Relief, Lottie Moon, Annie Armstrong and other gifts electronically means these important resources reach around the world faster than ever! The electronic transfer is simple, secure and comes with no fees, allowing CP and other mission offerings to reach their destination faster than traditional mail.

Secure bank-to-bank transfers

No banking information is shared through our website.

CP Remittance Form

Your church may sign up to have CP contributions electronically transferred directly from your church checking account. Signing up for online CP remittance is easy. Just fill out the form linked below and you will receive an email verifying your form has been processed. You will also receive information on how to submit your gifts using our online remittance form.

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