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Unlabeled and Unlabeled 2 are available free of charge to participating Cooperative Program Churches.  They can also be purchased on a cost recovery basis for non-participating churches.

Unlabeled is designed to be short enough to read in one sitting, and in-depth enough to give a realistic picture of young adult culture and worldview. It’s a great starting point for learning about the unique challenges the emerging generation present and ways to effectively reach out to them. You can order a free copy by emailing or Click Here to print the PDF

Unlabeled 2
– From 1997 to 2010, the number of young adults enrolled in Sunday school has declined by 22,015 people, a decline of roughly 32 percent. A significant portion of these have migrated to churches outside our denominational influence. The question we must ask ourselves is will we accept this trend as inevitable, or do we want to do what it will take to reverse it? This book is designed for those who want to reverse the trend. You can order a free copy by emailing or Click Here to print the PDF

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