How ERLC Functions

Your ERLC should study the issues, educate your local congregation and motivate them to action in response to the needs.Listed below are a few practical ideas for how your ERLC should function:

  1. Prayer.
    Prayer should precede any action of the ERLC committee.
  2. Regular Update Meetings.
    Regular ERLC meetings, where current societal issues are discussed, help facilitate the environment that sharpens each member’s Christian conviction.Meeting quarterly as a congregation facilitates communication on key issues. It is recommended that each congregation hold an ERLC focus service. One suggestion is to have one Wednesday of every quarter “ERLC Wednesday.” The BGCO can provide regular updates to guide the meeting.
  3. Monitor Current Events.
    The gathering of information and data (including brochures, newspaper clippings, editorials, magazine articles, etc.) allows the ERLC to begin a file by which current events can be monitored.
    Legislative issues at all levels of government, including local, state and national, are of great significance. Observation of all forms of media and culture can serve as an assessment of society’s trends. Attend a few sessions of the legislature at the State Capitol.
    Contact the BGCO ERLC office to set up a tour of the State Capitol and sit in on a legislative session.
  4. Inform and Call Into Action.
    The establishment of a church-wide communication plan is critical to your ERLC’s success. The ability of the church to respond quickly to issues, legislative votes and trends is paramount.
    A contact tree, which functions much like a prayer tree, can provide organization for calling your church to action. A church may already have an established prayer system that would work well.
  5. Network.
    Networking with other active ERLCs and the state office to exchange ideas and resources (hold an associational ERLC meeting for an issue that is in your area) provides support and allows a committee to gain fresh ideas.

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