Involve Your Church

How to Inform Your Church

1. Use Bulletin Inserts. An effective way to educate a congregation on issues is to use a bulletin insert. You may create your own insert or contact the BGCO and/or the national ERLC for professionally made current inserts. The BGCO will create reproducible bulletin inserts that are available in the quarterly updates

2. Emphasize Special Events. The committee should work with the church staff to emphasis the special- events Sundays that are deemed important to a congregation. Resources from the BGCO and national ERLCs may be available to help promote and plan these events.

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday
Racial Relations Sunday
Alcohol & Drug Prevention Sunday
Religious Liberty Sunday
Christian Citizenship Sunday
Day of Prayer for World peace
Anti-Gambling Sunday
World Hunger Day
Rose Day
When the event happens:
Third Sunday in January
Second Sunday in February
Third Sunday in March
First Sunday in June
Sunday before or on July 4
First Sunday in August
Third Sunday in September
Second Sunday in October
First Wednesday of the new legislative session (Organize trip to the Capitol!)

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