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Jordan-AnthonyDear Pastor,

Other than the advance of the Gospel itself, there is no cause closer to my heart than promoting the sanctity of human life and protecting the unborn.

As a Southern Baptist, I believe the Bible teaches that all life is sacred and all people, including the unborn, are created in the image of God. As father of two adopted children and a long-time voice in the pro-life movement, this issue is intensely personal to me.

For many years, I have stood beside numerous pastors across this state speaking out for the lives of unborn boys and girls. As one pastor pointed out to me recently, though, many of our young people are new to the pro-life struggle and may not have heard a biblical exposition or sermon series on this key subject.

So I am encouraging every pastor in this state to speak on the issue of life on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, set for January 21, 2018.

To that end, I have asked several pastors in our state to share their hearts on this issue and take part in this Sanctity of Human Life emphasis. In this e-resource pack, you will find sample sermons, notes, audio and digital resources. I trust these will be a help to you in your preparation and preaching.

I believe God can use the voices of pastors to equip and challenge their congregations to pray for the unborn and take a stand for life. Together, we can build a culture of life in Oklahoma!

Yours in Christ,

Anthony L. Jordan

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Upcoming Events

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, January 21, 2018
Rose Day Pro-Life Rally, February 7, 2018, Oklahoma State Capitol

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