We fulfill our purpose by:

– Leading Oklahoma Baptists to write their Legacy Letter.

– Providing personal evangelism training for churches and associations

– Providing evangelism resources for churches

– Planning, organizing and providing the State Evangelism Conference

– Providing evangelistic consultations for church leaders

– Connecting churches with OCOSBE – Oklahoma Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists

– Connecting people and resources through social media. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

– Offering revival tents at a cost-recovery rental fee

-Offering Block Party Trailers to Associations throughout the state thanks to the State Missions Offering



State Evangelism Conference

The State Evangelism Conference is a two day conference held on the last Monday and Tuesday of January each year. It is a time of equipping, encouraging, and inspiring Oklahoma Baptist’s to engage in the act of Evangelism in our state.


Learn more about SEC at www.bgco.org/sec

Block Party Trailers

These will be start to become available in 2017 and the project will continue until 2020. We are in the process of putting together 20 trailers that will be available to every association. You can find more information here.

Legacy Letter

Helping to lead Oklahoma Baptists to write their Legacy Letter to pass on to future generations.


You can rent two different sizes of tents from the Evangelism Office. Call our office at 405-942-3000 x4313 for more information on how to start this process.

Pastors Packets

A packet that has all of our resources available in our office in order to equip and help pastors find resources that would work best for their church.

Beginning With the End in Mind Strategy

A strategy beginning in 2017 that addresses lostness through equipping pastors and leaders across Oklahoma so they can take the material back to their churches and make the presentations.

Upward Sports
Good News Bible Clubs
Most Important Thing

This website is a great evangelism tool for sharing the story of the most important thing that has ever happened to you.


Share your story and read others here.

EvangelismOK App

Thanks to the generous gifts of Oklahoma Baptist through the cooperative program, the evangelism office has been able to create an app for both iphones and androids. This app has many resourceful tools in sharing your faith, how to share your faith, getting connected with local churches, and information on the state evangelism conference.

Download the free app today at the app store or the play store!

Literacy Missions

We offer workshops every year to become certified in teach ESL. For more information check out the Literacy page.


The next workshop will take place on August 5-6th, 2016 at Northwest Baptist Church in OKC. Cost is $35.

Church Renewal Weekends
Evang-e-cube strategy
Evangelism Explosion
Can We Talk Strategy
RELAY- Relational Evangelism for Today

Contact our office for material on how to do relational evangelism.

Every Member Evangelism by Dr. Roy Fish

We want to get this book in the hands of all our pastors in order to help equip them to train their members in evangelism.

Monthly Video Podcasts

These podcasts will begin to air in August of 2016.

Monthly Evangelism Sermon of the Month Podcast

These podcasts will begin to air in August of 2016

Baptism Articles in the Messenger

We want Oklahoma Baptists to be able to see and celebrate how the Lord is working in lives all over the state of Oklahoma!

Equipping Churches Across the State in Evangelism Strategy of their Choice
Assisting Churches with Interfaith Apologetics

Helping to make Apologetic resources available, such as the Watchman Profile Notebook.

29/59 Prayer Guide

A great tool on prayer and developing a prayer life.

Evangelism Response Center- ERC
Associational Directors of Evangelism Equipping

The goal in this is to equip our leaders in order that we may multiple leaders and be more effective together.

Partnership with the Baptist Village Communities

Planning, equipping, and conducting evangelism on every campus.

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