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Licensed Counselors 2017
This is a city by city list of centers and counselors.  The centers and counselors in this listing were referred to the BGCO office by state pastors and/or Associational Directors of Missions. This listing is provided as a resource and not intended as a recommendation.


  • Materialism: “The placing in high regard of ownership and consumption as a family priority.”
  • Balance of Work and Family:“The rising pressure to invest more of one’s energy in work at the expense of family.”
  • Negative Media Influences:“The growing influx of destructive images and messages into the home.”
  • Lack of Communication: “The increasing abbreviation or near elimination of meaningful family member interaction.”
  • Financial Pressures: “The chronic misuse of debt and/or mismanagement of financial resources.”
  • Lack of Discipline: “The death of respectful behavior as a norm in our schools, churches, and families.”
  • Lack of a Father Figure: “The absence of a father in the home or lack of strong participation in the family.”
  • Busyness: “The participation in numerous activities crowding out quality family fellowship.”
    • Activity Overload: Which Activities are Right for your Child? by Brian Dembowczyk (This article is courtesy of ParentLife Magazine.)
  • Divorce: “The ongoing wave of broken marriages and families both within the church and without.”
  • Anti-Christian Culture: “The stripping away of Christian heritage and traditional values.”



  • Just 1 Click Away
    Your child is at great risk! Don’t let your child be trapped! A Josh McDowell booklet about sexual predation in the world today.
  • Heart Connex
    Free Devotionals for Parents & Teens
  • Cellular Parental ControlsBlock unwanted and harmful content from you children’s cell phone! Here is a guide on how you can take control of what your child has access to.
  • Family Discipleship
    Discovering family discipleship as modeled in Deuteronomy 6.
  • Legacy Milestones
    We believe it is our job to equip parents to effectively train our children in the Christian faith as they do the common things of life. Faith is far more important than just two hours on Sunday. How does a parent take on the responsibility of “primary faith trainer” in the life of his growing child?

General Family Ministries


  • Cody Bobay Fitness
    Cody uses his knowledge & experience to guide visitors to care for the temple God has given us.


  1. Better Love Now (Reader Version also available)
  2. Bible Promises for Couples: (Reader Version also available)
  3. Come Home to the Heart of God by Tom Elliff
  4. Creative Correction by Lisa Welchel
  5. Effective Parenting in a Defective World by Chip Ingram
  6. Extraordinary Marriage by Rodney & Selma Wilson
  7. Getting to Know You by Christine Dorn
  8. Family Survival in an X-Rated World by Adrian Rogers
  9. Five Love Languages (Revised) by Gary Chapman
    1. Kids edition
    2. Teen edition
    3. Student edition
    4. Singles edition
    5. Men’s Edition
  10. Men of Purpose Serendipity series By Gene Getz
  11. Money Before Marriage by Larry Burkett
  12. Picking up the Pieces Serendipity series
    1. Redeeming the Tears
    2. Recovering From Divorce
    3. Radical Reconciliation
    4. The Secret Seductress
    5. Stop the Madness
    1. Lead In Light of Eternity, Dr. Stacy Rinehart
  14.  Magazines:
    1. Journey Devotional Magazine for women
    2. Stand Firm Devotional Magazine for men
    3. HomeLife Magazine
    4. ParentLife Magazine
    5. BabyLife Magazine
    6. Living with Teenagers Magazine
  15. Family Ministry Field Guide, Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, Wesleyan Publishing House.
  16. SHIFT: What it takes to finally reach families today, Dr. Bryan Haynes,  Group Pub.
  17. Visionary Parenting: Capture a God-sized Vision for Your Family, Rob Reinow,  Randall House Pub
  18. Trained in the Fear of God: Family Ministry in Theological, Historical, and Practical Perspective, Randy Stinson, Timothy Paul Jones, Kregel Academic & Professional Pub.

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