Ministerial Crisis Assistance/Counseling Services

Ministerial Crisis Assistance

Limited financial assistance is available to pastors and staff of BGCO churches who have been forced terminated.  This aid is made possible through the Edna McMillan State Mission Offering.  Click here to request ministerial assistance.

 Counseling Ministry

Counseling support is provided through the Edna McMillan State Mission Offering to pastors, paid church staff, and their dependents.  This includes college students who are still dependent upon their families.  Adult children of pastors and staff members are not eligible.  The objective of BGCO ministerial counseling support is to achieve assessment and stabilization.  In other words, the BGCO will assist with short-term, solution-focused therapy.  To view our online list of counselors, click on the link below.

Licensed Counselors (2018)


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