Adult Reading and Writing

Approximately 1 in 8 Oklahoma adults have “below basic” literacy skills (2003 Oklahoma State Assessment of Adult Literacy).

People with limited literacy skills have difficulty reading a bus schedule, using an ATM machine, completing a job application, and reading the Bible. Imagine what life is like for those with such limitations!

A church-based Adult Reading and Writing (ARW) ministry helps English-speaking, adult low-level readers improve their ability to read and write. It provides Christians an opportunity to obey Christ’s command to love and meet the needs of our neighbors, resulting in opportunities to share the Gospel, as well.

Adult Reading and Writing tutors often work one-on-one with students, but might also teach in small groups.

Learn to tutor, and also organize a ministry, through an ARW workshop!
Topics covered are:
Adult Reading and Writing Ministry as Missions
Organizational Plan for an Adult Reading and Writing Ministry
Understanding the Adult Low-Level Reader
What Is Reading?
Guidelines for Initial Interview and Evaluating the Student’s Reading Ability
Teaching Reading Skills Using the Laubach Way to Reading and the Bible
Creating a Reading Lesson Plan Using Any Reading Material
Creating a Reading Lesson Plan Using the Student’s Experiences
Introduction to High School Equivalency Tests
Learning Differences
Sharing Your Faith with Your Student
Tutoring Strategies and Resources

Those who complete the training receive a certificate from the National Literacy Missions Partnership, through the North American Mission Board.

For more information, contact Cheryl Wilkinson, BGCO Literacy Missions Coordinator, at or 405-613-1513.

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