Adult Reading and Writing

One in five people in Oklahoma are illiterate or low readers. There are people in our midst who are unable to find a job due to the fact that they cannot read a job application or fill one out.


Literacy Missions Ministries hosts an annual Adult Reading and Writing Workshop. Those attending this workshop will be introduced to basic teaching concepts and resources, organizational planning, Bible study materials, witnessing concepts, and approaches for beginning a ministry in your church or association.


The Adult Reading and Writing Workshop is a time for those attending to gain self-confidence and become equipped with the ability to teach and to make a difference in a person’s life through the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.


This is a time to be aware of the needs of those around us. You may ask, “How can I help?” Teaching people how to read changes every aspect of their life. Not only are they able to use their reading skills to find a job, but they can have a better quality of life. They can teach their children the importance of reading and a good education, not just by words but also by actions. Most importantly they can read the Bible for themselves, to read how much God loves each one of us and that He gave His only son so we can receive eternal life.


If you are interested in attending a workshop or would like more information, please contact Cheryl Wilkinson by e-mail at or by phone at 405-613-1513.

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