See the Sound Visual Phonics

Literacy Missions is about spreading God’s love by teaching adults to read and write, teaching someone to speak English, and tutoring children and youth. Visual Phonics is a multi-sensory tool that is helpful when used in any of these areas of Literacy Missions Ministry.

Visual Phonics is a system of forty-five hand shapes and written symbols that look and feel like the sounds they represent. It helps students hear, see, and feel the sounds in our spoken language.

Literacy Missions volunteers can use this valuable tool as they teach adults, children, or youth to read and spell. Volunteers teaching someone to speak English can use Visual Phonics for auditory discrimination and articulation. Visual Phonics is fun and easy to learn, retain, and implement.

For more information, contact Cheryl Wilkinson, BGCO Literacy Missions Coordinator, at or 405-613-1513.

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