Tutoring Children and Youth

I enjoy opportunities to talk about our grandchildren. Needless to say, they are a wonderful blessing to us, for which we praise the Lord and give Him the glory. Our seven-year-old has completed first grade and enjoys reading. To hear her read is one of the greatest blessings I have experienced.

Due to this joy and with my experience in the Literacy Missions Ministry, I thought about other grandparents and parents. Many parents and grandparents have demanding jobs with long hours, which limits the time available to spend with children or grandchildren. As a child continues in school, not only are they learning to read, they are learning math, science, history, geography, and experiencing a changing world around them. With the multiple challenges a child encounters, difficulties and set-backs in their educational experience may occur.

If you know of a child who would benefit with some assistance in any area they might be experiencing difficulties, then please plan to attend a Tutoring Children and Youth Workshop. In this workshop we will be training teachers to teach children and youth how to improve their skills in reading, math, and any subject they are experiencing difficulties.


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