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In order to reach the unchurched Native Americans in our communities, we need strong churches that have a sense of their mission and a passion to achieve it. Such churches require godly leaders who are called to equip God’s people for the work of the Kingdom.

How do we discover God’s call? God speaks to us as we read the Bible, pray, meditate, talk with godly friends, and seek his will. We may not recognize our calling overnight. Sometimes, God reveals it to us gradually over the years. As we use our talents and gifts to serve others, we discover certain types of works that bring us a deep sense of fulfillment and happiness. They feel so natural and good that we know this is what we were meant to do.

If you have a sense that God may be calling you to Christian ministry, feel free to contact a Native American counselor at the Robert Haskins School of Christian Ministry. We will be glad to pray with you and offer guidance.

After accepting your call, the next step is training. The Lord called twelve men to be his apostles. However, before he sent them out he spent three years preparing them for service. Some people may choose to go to college and/or seminary for training. This is a good option.

However, for many bi-vocational ministers, college and seminary is not an option. This is why the Robert Haskins School of Ministry exists. We offer practical ministry training at an affordable cost. The courses are offered on-line, so you can take them in your home on your own schedule. In addition, a mentor is available to guide and encourage you in your studies. The training is contextual. For native ministers, we have a Native American Track in the Haskins School.

Dr. Emerson Falls is the Program Leader for the Native American Track. In this capacity, Dr. Falls will work with the Dean in course curriculum development and implementation, enlistment and training of instructors, and training of students. The Native American Track will have and Advisory Board of Native American leaders.

The following programs are currently available.

  • Pastoral Ministry Track
  • Church Ministry Track
  • Church Planting

Haskins School Website http://www.haskinsschool.org/

If you are interested or if you desire additional information, contact Emerson Falls, Native American Specialist, at 405-942-3800, extension 4306.

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