"HIGH FIVE" - Top 5 High Priority Projects in Latvia

1. Roja, Latvia- Hotel remodel- In the city of Roja, Nauris Graudins is the church planter.  This new church plant has a unique ministry opportunity.  The church has purchased a small hotel in the city and are renovating it to be open in the summer.  The proceeds from the rentals will go to expand the church plant and it also gives this new church a place to meet on Sunday with many ministry opportunities during the week.

This is the #1 priority of the “High Five” Priority list of needs in Latvia.  Nauris is in need of a team(s) that can come and help in the renovations.  They need painters, carpenters, drywall workers, clean-up crews, tile workers, and more.  This is “time sensitive” need.  Please contact Mike Hand @ 405-202-6004 for more information.

2. Back Yard Bible Club and Yard Landscaping- The local churches are looking for avenues to reach out to their community. Just as in America the best way to reach families is through their children, Latvians understand the same concept. There is a need for Backyard Bible Clubs/VBS during the summer months. Additionally, there is a great need to refurbish and landscape the grounds to make it safe and appealing for the children, but for the parents, as well, to know that the safety of their children is top priority. Perhaps you teaching children is not something you are comfortable with, but you know how to beautify a yard. There is work for you.

3. Teaching English to Latvia’s Future Church Leaders- With English becoming more and more an effective means of communicating among European countries, the Baltic Pastoral Institute (BPI) desires partners who can teach church leaders and future leaders basic English skills. This is vitally important as the BPI sends these men out to plant churches in different areas and walks of life in Latvia.

4. Ministering To the Homeless- Homelessness is not just unique to Oklahoma City and our state. Being homeless and downcast is universal. This is a real need and one that perhaps God has placed on your heart. There will be opportunity to not only help feed and clothe, but to share the gospel, as well.

5. Soccer Camp- Sports has no language barriers. There is a need for a soccer camp to reach all ages. There is the need for preparation of the field in advance to the camp. The camp would be promoted through the town during the week as the field is being prepared and then would culminate at the end of the week with the soccer camp. There is a great need and opportunity to share the gospel.

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