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Titles and Descriptions of Current and Upcoming Books by Dr. Gregory R. Frizzell

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Returning to Holiness:  “A Personal and Church-wide Journey to Revival” ($4.00 per copy) (Teaching Guide Available)

In a true awakening, conversions would be marked by genuine repentance with large percentages still active many years later.  Most denominations’ baptism numbers would explode four to five hundred percent or even higher.  Crime rates and societal morals would dramatically change for the better.  In short, America would be a totally different place! The burning question is “How can we see another great spiritual awakening?”  Certainly prayer is crucial and evangelism is required.  Yet according to God’s Word, prayer and evangelism must be combined with a profound return to holiness and spiritual cleansing (2 Chronicles 7:14; Isaiah 59:1-2; Joel 2:12-14).  Dear friends, this is the key element so missing in today’s church!  Alongside the exciting new strategies for prayer and evangelism, we must now see a return to utter humility and holiness before God.  That is precisely the purpose of Returning to Holiness.  By God’s grace, we can return to Him.  (This resource is also available in Spanish.)


How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life:  “The Biblical Path to Holiness and Relationship with God” ($4.00 per copy)

(Teaching Guide Available)  Today there are rising signs that God is calling His people back to Himself through prayer and repentance.  Yet, most of God’s children still feel intimidated about their prayer life.  Indeed, many confess that prayer is the weakest area of their lives.  God wants us to change that! God wants His children to experience prayer as a dynamic “relationship with Him,” not just a ritual.  In How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life, you will discover all the elements of powerful prayer. (This resource is also available in Spanish.)


Biblical Patterns for Powerful Church Prayer Meetings:  “God’s Changeless Path to Sweeping Revival and Evangelism” ($4.00 per copy)

It is exciting to know God has so moved in the past that 10% of entire national populations were saved in less than a year.  In today’s America, that would equal twenty-five to thirty million converts in a single year!  When past awakenings swept America, crime rates and immorality plummeted while churches and missions exploded with growth.  The glorious truth is God has not changed. (Hebrews 13:8) What He has done before, He can surely do again! However, scripture and history reveal one inescapable truth.  God never sends sweeping nation-wide awakenings until churches fully humble themselves in fervent, corporate prayer.  The last fifty years should clearly prove we cannot program, promote or strategize our way into a major great awakening. Yet, today we can take new hope as more and more pastors are asking, “How can I truly reclaim Wednesday night as a time of powerful prayer for evangelism, missions and revival?”  May this trend increase and may God save us from our deadly tendency to major on programs while only minoring on prayer.  By God’s grace, we can return to the dynamic prayer patterns of the past!


Releasing the Revival Flood!” Overcoming Relationship Barriers to Personal and Churchwide Renewal ($5.00 per copy)

This resource includes study questions inside the book).  This book is designed to uncover and eliminate relationship barriers to revival in churches and families.  It deals with any form of disunity, anger, bickering or negativism.  It is important to spiritual warfare and leads to discipleship and dramatic spiritual growth.  It is for individuals or whole churches to pray through.


Seeking God to Seek a Pastor (Revised) ($7.00 per copy) This unique tool addresses key issues overlooked in most pastor search materials.  At any one time, nearly fifteen percent of all churches are without a pastor.  The interim time is a crucial period in which problems can be identified and addressed.  Yet, most search committees lack crucial information for evaluating quality leadership.  This resource takes committees and congregations on a spiritual journey of seeking God not just a new pastor. Attention is given to developing powerful strategies of prayer and cleansing for both the search committee and entire congregation.  It is specifically designed to compliment today’s tools for intentional interims and transitional pastorates.

 (Also available for online purchase is a new 8 1/2 x 11 workbook and extra helps.)


Iceberg Dead Ahead: “The Urgency of God-Seeking Repentance” ($5.00 per copy) This tool is designed to cause believers to break out of apathy and lukewarmness.  It is a sobering wake up call to bring churches to a point of fervency and passion.  Most of all, believers and churches receive specific and workable ways to reverse their patterns of apathy, decline and disunity.  It is an essential tool for awakening renewed commitment and excitement for revival.


Saved, Certain and Transformed: “Journey to Biblical Salvation, Full Assurance and Personal Revival” ($5.00 per copy)

This major multi-piece book is designed to address the salvation of lost church members and bring full assurance to doubting saints. Biblical Rationale: “Most Great Awakenings start with the salvation of many lost church members and new assurance among doubting, backslidden saints.”


Return to Me: “A Journey to First Love Surrender” ($5.00 per copy)

After forty years of emphases on “prayer and repentance,” we are forced to face a most sobering reality.  There is far more talk and activities about revival than genuinely experiencing God in it.  This tool helps readers discover the vast difference in merely “saying” prayers of surface confession and full loving surrender to Christ’s Lordship.  This resource, drawn from Zechariah 1:3, is a journey to renewed power in God’s grace and Spirit.


The Lord’s Supper – “A Covenant of Love and Surrender” ($5.00)

Our greatest need is recapturing first love passion and power in Jesus.  The Lord’s Supper done properly can bring us back to just such passion and strength in Christ.  When believers experience a fresh vision of God’s glory, grace and holiness, they are never the same! In The Lord’s Supper, believers experience heart preparation that restores unity and New Testament power for victorious living.


Powerful Prayer for Every Family Booklet: “Praying a Hedge of Protection” ($5.00 per copy)

In a day of unprecedented attack on marriages and children, it has never been more crucial for families to experience God’s close presence.  Yet today, busy families seem to flounder when it comes to the most crucial foundation – powerful prayer!  Thank God, our Lord has provided a powerful remedy for even the busiest families.  Any family can learn to experience prayers that truly transform and protect.  In this resource readers will discover the essential missing keys to pray an effective “hedge of protection” around their loves ones and learn to pray with power.


Additional Resources from Dr. Gregory Frizzell



How to Pray without Ceasing – “The Power of Talking and Listening to God All Day” ($5.00)

This resource will help readers learn to effectively talk and listen to God without ceasing, walk more yielded and filled with God’s Spirit, experience more effective power in prayer and more closely hear God’s voice. One you understand these elements, the difference in your prayer life is amazing.


Praying God’s Heart in Times like These: “A Covenant to Seek the Reviver-Not Just Revival” ($3.00 per copy)

In light of today’s thirty-year prayer movement, one question stands preeminent.  “How could America witness a thirty-year prayer movement yet its worst spiritual collapse at exactly the same time?”  This resource will help readers learn to experience powerful new spiritual intimacy in praying God’s desires.  Believers quickly discover they truly can know God’s heart and experience His presence in biblical revival.


Dynamic Church Prayer Meetings: “Why Every Church Must Embrace Them” ($3.00 per copy)

Like virtually nothing else, dynamic church prayer meetings revolutionize churches and transform believers!  In fact, they are absolutely essential to a church being fully “New Testament.”  This resource will help pastors and churches rediscover the crucial missing element of powerful, energized corporate times of prayer.


Overcoming the Corporate Sins of Modern Churches: Leading Congregations to Revival and Lasting Repentance” ($3.00 per copy)

In this tool, churches re-discover the biblical paths of powerful church-wide repentance.  Best of all, we learn to experience a repentance of grace, not legalism.  Believers, if we are to see true revival in our day, we need far more than just another prayer emphasis.  We must embrace a genuine return to first love surrender to Jesus.  This book will help believers and churches experience God’s presence in spiritual awakening.


Demolishing Personal and Churchwide Strongholds – Pilot Version ($4.00)

In light of today’s spiritual collapse and evangelistic decline, what is hindering the long awaited revival? One thing is clear — the current collapse is certainly not for lack of evangelism strategies or books on prayer.  Yet clearly, something is blocking the flow of God’s power in His people.  That “something” is the presence of unconquered strongholds and sin in believers and churches.  This resource will help believers learn to recognize and demolish even their most hidden points of hindrance.


Published Manuscripts


Developing Evangelistic, Revival-Producing Prayer Ministries* ($6.00 per copy) this resource is uniquely designed to motivate pastors and leaders to build powerful evangelistic prayer ministries.  Unless church leaders are convinced and motivated, dynamic prayer ministries simply do not occur.  The tool lays out fifteen effective strategies any church could do.  Readers learn to develop prayer ministries that transform churches and greatly increase baptisms.  Yet rather than embracing prayer ministries as “another program”, churches learn to experience a relationship journey with God.


The Seven Essentials of Prayer, Holiness and Power in Christian Leaders:  “A Personal Journey to Cleansing, Revival and Intimacy with God”* ($6.00 per copy) Sweeping revival in the Church is virtually impossible without deep cleansing and revival among Church leaders.  This book is specifically developed to greatly strengthen the prayer life and spiritual power of pastors, staff and lay leaders.  It takes pastors and leaders into spiritual awakening, holiness and renewal on very powerful levels.  It is designed to train new leaders or greatly deepen those who are veterans.


Local Associations and United Prayer” ($6.00 per copy) this resource is a testimony of one association experiencing God.  It tells how Directors of Missions and Local Pastors can unite whole cities in sustained prayer.


Prayer Evangelism for the Local Church ($6.00 per copy) this resource tells of one church’s testimony of growth and transformation.


Bible Inserts


Prayer Covenant Bookmarks (40¢ each or …)

Title #1-  My Covenant to Abide Daily in God’s Word ($7.50 for bundle of 25)

Title #2 – My Covenant to Pray for Revival and Spiritual Awakening ($7.50 for bundle of 25)

Title #3 – My Great Commission Prayer Covenant ($7.50 for bundle of 25)

Title #4 – My Covenant to Walk in Daily Cleansing and Yielding ($7.50 for bundle of 25)

Title #5 – My Covenant to Return to God ($7.50 for bundle of 25)

Title #6 – My Covenant to Know and Worship God by His Attributes ($7.50 for bundle of 25)

Title #7 – My Covenant to Know and Worship God by His Name ($7.50 for bundle of 25)


Resources Soon to be Released


Clean Hands, Pure Hearts: Journey to Complete Spiritual Victory” (Summer, 2016)

This tool focuses on moral victory and godly on-line relationships. Though on-line impurity and wrong relationships have become major hindrances to revival, there is yet hope. God can fully cleanse and empower any heart willing to repent.

Pastor’s Prayer Meetings and Area-wide Nights of Repentance” (Spring, 2016)

America, Revival, Judgment or Both” (Spring, 2016) This tool is the sequel to the book “Iceberg Dead Ahead”

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