Kids Comfy Quilts

Kid’s Comfy Quilts (KCQ), is an opportunity intended to make child sized, crayola drawing quilts to be distributed by the BGCO Disaster Relief Volunteers deployed to serve in various areas throughout the world each year. Southern Baptist relief teams are the first responders to many disasters where they supply mass meal preparation, child care, chain saw and muck-out services, chaplains, and numerous other specialized functions.

Many children know that a disaster has occurred but they don’t know what they can do to help someone, and this worries them. Also, many other children are left without their toys and possessions in disasters and need a reminder that someone cares about them. These are quilts by kids, for kids. By drawing a picture to express their feelings, children have an opportunity to actively show their concern and caring for those who have been affected by a disaster. The pictures will be signed, collected, preserved, and then assembled to make quilts. Each quilt requires about 17 children’s blocks and will have a central block telling who made the squares and the city of origin. If an organization or class makes enough squares for a quilt, a picture of the completed quilt will be made and sent to the group.

How children participate in the KCQ opportunity:

Each child may draw a picture using regular crayons on an 8 ½ inch square of muslin. The pictures should show warmth, happiness, and support so adults can talk with the children about how to express the ideas, especially using holiday themes.

How can you participate?

Volunteer to help with construction of the quilts (experience not required). Sponsor your class or group for a $15 donation to buy supplies to finish the quilts. Supplies needed are batting, bright cotton juvenile print fabric, cotton or flannel yardage to back the quilts, and unbleached muslin to make the 8 ½ inch squares.

For more information call Fran deCordova at 405-737-7770 or email


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