Women’s Balance in Your Women’s Ministry

“Honest scales and balances are from the Lord; all the weights in the bag are of his making.” Proverbs 16:11

Just as it’s important to have balance in your personal life, a well-balanced women’s ministry is one that includes aspects of embracing Christ as well as echoing God’s heart for the world. To achieve this, it will take a leader who keeps her ministry team focused on this task. It will also take purpose for your ministry.

If you have not developed a purpose statement for your women’s ministry, consider writing one that will express God’s desire for balance in your ministry. Consider the five aspects we deem important in women’s ministry: prayer, discipleship, evangelism, missions and fellowship/community.

1. Prayer: Determine that prayer will be the foundation on which all decisions will be made for your women’s ministry. Develop a prayer team and include prayer in all aspects of your activities.

2. Discipleship: Maturity in Christ will only happen as women embrace God’s word and apply it to their lives. When you are planning any part of your women’s ministry, ask the question: “How does this get God’s word into the hearts of our women?”

3. Evangelism: Women’s ministry often gets labeled as an “inreach” ministry for the women already attending your church. But women’s ministry often will be a catalyst to reach unchurched women with the gospel. Be intentional to always invite those who need Christ to attend your activities.

4. Missions: Help women echo God’s heart for the world by looking outside of their own needs and help them focus on the needs around them. Involve a local community ministry, pray for missionaries and give to missions so those who are lost without Christ will be impacted by your ministry.

5. Fellowship/community: God did not intend for women to live without community. Whether it is through small group ministries or large events, offer opportunities for women to live life together.

So, how can you do all this? Here’s a simple example of how you can achieve balance in a women’s Bible study. As your team plans for its next activity, purposely ask how you are achieving balance.

Example: A Balanced Women’s Bible Study

Prayer: How are you spending time in prayer during the study? Are you praying for the needs of women in the group? Are you praying for church needs?

Discipleship: Is the Bible Study focused on God’s word or someone else’s philosophy? Choose a Bible Study that allows women the opportunity to dig deep and discover treasures in God’s word.

Evangelism: Have you invited friends to attend your Bible study? Have you advertised it to the community? Have you looked for ways to include others who need to know Christ?

Missions: Choose a ministry project during the length of your study. Ask women in the study to pray and decide on one mission project during your study.

Fellowship: Have you developed or included time in your study for fellowship? How are women getting to know each other and take care of each other outside of your Bible study time? Plan an outside fellowship at the end of your study or build in time each week for fellowship and community building.

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