Women’s Creating a Women’s Survey

Whether you are beginning a Women’s Ministry or evaluating your present ministry, one of the most important tools you can use is an assessment survey. While it’s impossible for us to design a survey that’s perfect for your church, here are some questions and guidelines when developing a way to hear the heartbeat of the needs of the women in your church. (This sample survey is designed for women already attending your church – not unchurched women in your community)

Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: When should I survey the women in my church?
Answer: When you are beginning a women’s ministry, reforming your ministry, or if you have not done a survey within five years. If you do several surveys, the number of responses will go down.

Question: How should I have women complete the survey?
Answer: Most churches find the most effective way to survey their women is through their weekly church bulletin. Usually an insert is designed and distributed in the worship service or during the Sunday School hour.

Question: Where should women bring completed surveys?
Answer: Some churches will ask for completed surveys to be collected at the end of a Sunday School period or place boxes in prominent areas around the church.

Question: How long should the survey be?
Answer: The shorter, the better. Women don’t want to spend a lot of time completing surveys. Design the questions with simple answers that can be checked and only allow for a few open-ended questions or comments at the end.

Question: Should the surveys be anonymous?
Answer: It depends on the kind of survey you are taking. If you are looking for women to volunteer in certain areas of ministry, you will want them to complete information so they can be contacted in the future. If the goal is just to obtain information, anonymous surveys work well.

Question: What about an online survey?
Answer: There are several online services where you can design a survey and direct women to a website. Remember to consider how many women in your church use their computers frequently and how comfortable they are in answering questions online.

Question: Can they just e-mail me their answers?
Answer: Many women would prefer spending a few minutes on their computer, so produce an massive e-mail list with the survey and see what you get back!  Or – use your church website to distribute an e-mail survey and have it returned to you.

Question: How can I get women to complete and return the survey?
Answer: If your surveys are not anonymous, entice women to complete the survey and be entered for a drawing for a small prize. Or, have a small give-away for each completed survey as a way to thank women for taking the time to complete the questionnaire.

Sample Survey:

Please complete the following to help our church plan ministry to and with women.

1. Of the following, which interests you the most in women’s ministry:
__ Prayer Ministry
__ Outreach Ministry
__ Bible Studies
__ Mission Projects
__ Fellowship Opportunities

2. Which describes you best?
__ Single, Never Married
__ Single, Divorced
__ Single, Widowed
__ Married, No Children
__ Married with Small Children
__ Married with Teens
__ Married with Adult Children

3. Which describes you best?
__ Working outside the home full time
__ Working outside the home part time
__ Homemaker
__ Retired

4. Which time of the week works best for your schedule when planning women’s activities?
__ Daytime during the week
__ Evenings during the week
__ Weekends

5. What kind of fellowship/events interest you?
__ Women’s retreat
__ Banquets
__ Luncheons
__ Home fellowships/coffees
__ Other: ______________________________________

6. What kind of Bible studies would you participate in?
__ In-depth women’s study:
         ___ Weekday             ___ Lunch time
         ___ Weekday evening ___ Sunday evening
         Please specify: _______________________________
__ Book reviews
__ Counseling
Would you recommend a study you would be interested in?

7. I would participate in the following:
__ Witnessing training
__ Praying for missionaries
__ Short-term mission trips   ____ United States  ____ International
__ Community mission projects  Ideas? _____________________

8. The following community ministries interest me:
__ Literacy
__ Tutoring
__ Pregnancy Center
__ Hospital Ministry
__ International ministry
__ Nursing home ministry
__ Food pantry/clothing closet
__ Other: ____________________________

9. I would be willing to help with the following at a women’s event:
__ Publicity
__ Food preparation and organization
__ Decorating
__ Childcare help
__ Prayer committee

10. I currently attend: (check all that apply)
__ Sunday School
__ Worship
__ Women’s Bible study
__ Women’s events

11. Have you been active in women’s ministry?
__ Yes
__ No
Why or why not?

12. Describe what you would like to see in our women’s ministry:

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