Women’s Developing a Leadership Team

When leading women’s missions and ministries in your local church, it’s important to keep in mind that God did not intend for one woman to carry the ministry. While you may be called upon to be the point person, effective ministry is done with a team. So, how do you develop an effective team?

1. Pray. Ask God to lead you to pray for women who share a passion and desire to minister to other women. Pray for diversity of ages, spiritual gifts and talents. You’ll need them all!

2. Ask. Many times women are just waiting to be asked to serve. Begin with a personal phone call and see if God might be working in their heart as well. If the women you ask do not favorably respond, just know someone else is waiting for you to call them next.

3. Meet. A team that functions well together, must learn how to pray together, meet together and even play together. Set aside a specific time, whether it be monthly or more, and begin sharing ideas of how to build your team.

4. Train. Look for opportunities to build your team with equipping and training opportunities. Attend one of the BGCO’s SWEET events.

5. Delegate Responsibilities. As you discern talents and gifts, assign tasks to each person on the team. Commitment requires action. What responsibilities should you delegate? While every church is different, here are some possibilities to consider: hospitality, events, discipleship, missions, prayer, publicity, evangelism/outreach and childcare.

6. Create a covenant. Ask each woman to sign a covenant between the leader and the team which solidifies their commitment to the ministry and the team. Ask your team members to commit to a specific time period – usually one year.

7. Evaluate. After your team has met for a year, evaluate its effectiveness. Make adjustments. Meet with women who might need to reconsider their commitment the following year.

8. Pray again! Always be on the lookout for potential future leadership and team members. Keep a list of those names and pray for them over the year when you need to enlist new team members.

Would you like to have personal consultation on building an effective ministry team? Contact Kelly King, Women’s Missions and Ministries Specialist, at (405) 942-3000 ext. 4324 or kking@bgco.org and she will set up a time to meet with your leadership team.

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