Order Fall Festival Gospel Tracts

Oklahoma Baptist churches across the state have tremendous ministry and evangelism opportunities to have gospel conversations with tens of thousands of Fall Festival participants. As part of our Cooperative Program support for Oklahoma Baptists, we are offering free gospel tracts to help churches share the good news with the people participating in their church ministries on October 31.
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    One Great God is a companion piece to the tract above and is a graphic or picture style gospel presentation. Since some assistance is needed to clarify the gospel, One Great God is best used when a Christ-follower can share the gospel while showing the tract.
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    One Great Hope is a booklet style tract that can be either shared or distributed since the gospel and a follow up process are explained in the tract. For most Fall Festival type events where the tract is going to be placed in a bag or envelope with information about the church, One Great Hope is the better choice.

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