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  • Seeing the results of giving to SMO
    Recently, I attended CrossTimbers with my daughter who just finished 3rd grade. We were excited to arrive to camp! After unloading our luggage and claiming a bunk bed in the dorms, we hiked up read more
    Published on August 14, 2019By Amy Cordova
  • Rite of passage: Keys to the door
    I am writing from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the walled city of Jerusalem. I wish I could take every one of you who reads this article on a journey to the read more
    Published on August 14, 2019By Walker Moore
  • CrossTimbers expands, continues sharing Gospel with kids
    DAVIS—Children, 3rd-6th grade, experienced multiple opportunities to hear the Gospel presented as well as multiple opportunities to learn about missions, while they were attending CrossTimbers Children’s Mission Adventure Camp this summer. CrossTimbers recorded a read more
    Published on August 13, 2019By Chris Doyle
  • Ten ways to involve women in church leadership (Part 2)
    EDITOR’S NOTE: The first part of Kelly King’s article appeared recently on baptistmessenger.com 6. Begin a thriving women’s ministry where mentoring and discipleship are focused. Titus 2 encourages older women to be a model read more
    Published on August 13, 2019By Kelly King

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