Shane Hall Sermon

Dear Friends,

Over the years there have been sermons that have rung through corridors of history. Consider William Carey’s great sermon “Expect Great Things from God, Do Great Things for God.” Carey’s sermon launched the modern mission movement.

Because of technology, we can still hear the powerful and convicting sermon by R. G. Lee, the renowned pastor of Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis, called “Pay Day Someday.” Thousands of people jammed churches and halls to hear him preach this remarkable sermon. The sermon was used powerfully of God to bring many to faith in Christ.

Last summer I heard another such sermon as I sat in the convention hall at the Southern Baptist Convention in Phoenix. Moving, powerful, convicting, uplifting are some of the words that come to mind in regard to this sermon. Yet, above all, it was personal, very personal to the preacher. This is a sermon not just preached, but lived for all to see. The sermon was preached by our own Shane Hall, pastor of First Southern Baptist Church in Del City. It is a sermon for the ages.

I want you to hear this sermon. Don’t miss the title “All We Need Is Jesus.” To listen to this sermon is to walk where angels walk. We were taken to the throne and left on our knees before an all sufficient Savior and Lord. We were left to bask in His glory and our hearts were filled with wonder and praise. Our faith was made stronger for having listened to this powerful sermon.

Let this timeless message impact your life today. And while you listen, breathe a prayer for our dear Brother Shane as he continues to battle with cancer.

In Christ,
Dr. Anthony Jordan

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