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Oklahoma Baptist News

  • Broken crayons still color
    There was a quote on social media that caught my attention. The phrase, “Broken crayons still color” is a truth that I have embraced and shared on many occasions through my own testimony. We read more
    Published on June 19, 2019By Ben Little
  • Rite of Passage: Preparing a Place
    I have lots of friends who take their grandchildren to Disneyland or Disney World. They take each grandchild, one by one, on a memory trip there at about the time of their ninth birthday. read more
    Published on June 19, 2019By Walker Moore
  • High court orders review of Ore. gay wedding cake case
    WASHINGTON (BP) — The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday (June 17) threw out an Oregon court’s discrimination ruling against a Christian couple who declined to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding because of read more
    Published on June 18, 2019By Emily Howsden
  • Text talk: What’s a sermon for?
    It is a legendary story, but we can likely assume that it actually happened. A visiting preacher stepped into a pulpit which he was filling for a friend and saw a sign that would read more
    Published on June 18, 2019By Brett Selby

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